Toddlers- Brave Beginners

Your child's toddler years are when they are really beginning to take off in their development. We believe that children learn best through hands on play. To maintain our philosophy Ready or Not, Here I Grow staff continues to support the developmental domains of learning. We will take the time to establish a relationship with each individual child, allowing our teacher's to assess each child's individual goals and preferences. A daily sheet is sent home with each child for the parent with: diaper changes, eating times and amounts, and any updates or changes in your child's normal schedule.

Our lesson plans; incorporate circle time and group play with the following skills in mind on a daily basis:

Gross Motor: walking without support, throws or rolls a ball with hands when sitting, rides ride-on toys without pedals, steps into large ball when shown how to kick

Fine Motor: stacks 2-7 blocks, scribbles, turn pages of a book, threads lacing string through hole

Language: understands one-step commands, recognizes and points to body parts, uses up to 20 single words, understands yes or no questions, imitates animal sounds, refers to self by name

In our toddler room, we introduce learning centers. In those centers children learn to interact through dramatic play, blocks, science, music, and art.

Our ratio is 2 caregivers to 10 children.