Three's- Determined Doers

Over the next year children are moving from babyhood into childhood. Threes tend to have a rich and vivid imagination, strong fears, and they love to play and enjoy physical activity.

By this age, children are beginning to be more comfortable with spending time away from their parents, yet are still timid when it comes to trying new things.

Our staff emphasizes on developing children's life skills while being sensitive to the child's individual needs. Our teachers complete assessments on each child, 2 times a year, which include some of the following skills:

Gross Motor: use pedals on a tricycle, roll and bounce a ball, jumps off planks, has more balance

Fine Motor: holds a pencil correctly, buttons clothes, learns to cut with scissors

Language: beings to speak very clearly, asks "who", "what", "where" and "why" questions, can talk about what happened yesterday and about tomorrow

Social and Emotional: enjoys being with other children, begins to play more together, taking turns, likes to have choices, develops a sense of humor and enjoys laughing

Our staff will work with you to encourage and nurture your child's development. Parent-teacher conferences are held upon request, however the teachers check in weekly on your child's progress.

Our ratios are 2 caregivers to 18 children.