Frequently asked Questions

What are the teacher's qualifications?

All of teachers have their Early Childhood Credentials. All teachers are certified in CPR and First Aid as well as receive monthly continuing education and sixteen hours of orientation. Our staff's years of experience in the profession help make them fantastic teachers.

What Curriculum is used in our classrooms?

Ready or Not, Here I Grow has been lucky enough to take several curriculums and choose the best of each. We currently use Creative Curriculum. Since our Philosophy is that Children Learn Through Play. Our curriculum is child-centered and reflects the interest, needs, abilities, and natural learning styles of our students. To achieve this we have set up centers in each class that offer a broad range of relevant interest for our students. Every class has several centers. The Centers are: Manipulative Center that develops fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, problem solving, individual and partner social skills; Reading Center encourages book appreciation, fosters imaginative thoughts, build vocabulary, and stimulates intellectual development; Dramatic Play Center reinforces life skills and social development through role playing, and enhances communication skills of ideas and words through interaction with other children; Building Block Center provides children the opportunity to experiment with balance, space and gravity to enhance their creativity; Science and Nature Center gives children first hand experience with nature materials and allows them to use their senses to learn about the world around them. Art, Music and Outdoor play develops self-expression, increases coordination and also builds self-confidence. Besides our centers, we use theme based lesson plans to reinforce the topics being covered during the week and/or month. Because we believe that every child is different, we only use standardized curriculum as a reference for our teachers. Children are allowed to choose where their interest lie and actually help choose themes for the week based on what is relevant to there needs. Children are encouraged to express themselves while respecting others.

How do I pay?

Tuition is billed on the 1st of each month and payment is due by the 5 of each month. We accept cash or a valid check.

Meals are provided, but can I pack a lunch?

No. Only children with special needs and infants may bring food to the center for meals.

What is the cut off time to drop off my child?

Children will not be accepted after 10:00. In the event of a child's doctor's appointment, children are allowed in up to 12:30. Staffing ratios are set for the day by this time.

What if you are full, can my child be put on a waiting list?

Yes. To place your child on the waiting list, you will need to talk with the administrator and request placement. You will be called in waiting list order.

Can parents visit the center?

Yes. Parents are welcome at anytime to visit the center and observe their child. Parent participation is encouraged.